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The Honest Company Essentials Bundle includes premium natural, non-toxic personal care & home cleaning essentials. Choose 5 items from their collection each month.

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I signed up for a subscription with a discount code, and received my first "bundle" about ten days ago. I ordered the laundry pods, the oxy boost, shampoo, conditioner, and dish soap. And frankly, I'm not at all impressed with the products. The laundry products are average at best, and the dish soap and hair care are flat-out substandard (I didn't know it was possible for a shampoo and conditioner to leave my hair both dried-out AND limp). Now that I take a second, more clear-eyed look at the web site, I have to ask myself, how "Honest" is a company really, when they don't allow for direct customer product reviews/ratings? I'm cancelling in the morning.

Stacy Meyer

on 10/22/2015
Company claims to value customer service above all else, but when I went to cancel after the free trial (because I was only moderately impressed with the products and found them overpriced), I was told I had to call. When I did, the woman asked me repeatedly why I was canceling, if I was sure, and reiterated that I could skip deliveries. When I finally convinced her that I was canceling, she got very rude, put me on hold for several minutes, then came back, said I was unsubscribed and hung up. Definitely made me feel better about canceling.
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on 9/30/2015
DO NOT order from this company! I decided to try their essentials bundle free trial. On the website is states that the trial Includes: A trial size of 5 natural, non-toxic personal care & home cleaning essentials. • Shampoo + Body Wash • Face + Body Lotion • Multi-Surface Cleaner • Healing Balm • Hand Soap Well I get a box, filled with bubble packets for packing purposes and a welcome brochure. This isn't a small box either. When I first picked it up I thought it was light, but the I was like its trial size, but no it was a brochure nothing else. I will be calling them on Monday, from what I've heard that is not a good experience. My order summary on the website states that I had ordered the free trial, and the order page I have received just shows the welcome Brochure in the items. Of course at the bottom it says hand-packed with care, maybe if they employed a robot it would have gotten it right. There is a return option, I fell like closing up the box and writing return to sender with a note in it and account number and get what I paid in shipping back. If they cannot effectively sent out a trial, I don't trust them with a large order.

Charlene Woelk

on 7/11/2015