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The GREENBOX from Homegrown Collective is a subscription box that is part eco-friendly, part DIY. Each month they send you everything you need to complete multiple projects around a theme. The month-to-month box costs $39 plus $9 shipping. If you subscribe to the 6-month plan shipping is free! (Shipping to Canada is $19 a month)

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Bought my daughter a single box for Christmas. Since it was delivered early, I let her open it. It was disappointing that for one of the items she was to make, there wasn't enough of the two "ingredients". It's a cool concept but in my opinion, overpriced.
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on 12/20/2015
Cool idea, but terrible terrible customer service. Took shaming them on their FB page several times and numerous phone calls to be able to cancel with them. They had charged me for three boxes but had only sent one, and appear to be chronically late in sending stuff out. PLEASE USE CAUTION BEFORE SUBSCRIBING AND CHECK OUT THEIR FB PAGE AND OTHER SUB BOX DISCUSSION SITES.
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on 5/23/2015
Too expensive for the value i got out of it and very poor customer service was my experience. I canceled for those reasons.
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on 4/27/2015