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This weekly meal kit delivery service makes cooking easier, faster, and healthier. Every weekly delivery comes with new 30-minute recipes and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients. When you subscribe, you can choose your preferences, including what you like to eat and what you'd like to omit. (Vegetarian options are available!)

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Our family subscribes to Home Chef as well as 4 other food subscription services. Home Chef is the best deal for your $$$ in my opinion. Plus.... the meals are the most kid friendly I am discovering.

Maggie Goebel

on 6/26/2017
home chef has a deal on groupon when i tried to use the deal which brought the meals down to 50 dollars for 2 boxes i went to home chef to use and the website said coupon expired i knew it had to be wrong since i just bought it so i called their customer help line spoke to a very un pleasent lady there she gave me the impression that that the company does not like groupon even tho they sell the meal packs there hello fresh great food wonderful customer serivce great food i will go back there they loved groupon and were very happy to walk me threw the process then i tried burgerbox on gilt wonderful seirvce groupon wonder serivce bought a gilt discount gave it to the lady on burger box the code for gilt and she send me the box pleasent happy great food me i love groupon and glit the food boxes are priced high my view but with gilt and groupon i am glad to try them so far i think hello fresh and buger box are the best xoxo dorothy
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on 5/3/2017
Wait!! The review below is from my experience with Hello Fresh, not Home Chef! I apologize for the misunderstanding! Home Chef also has some good recipes, but from my experience with 2 different deliveries, the produce isn't always fresh. In the boxes I have received, the yellow bell pepper was bad with mold inside, the cilantro sent for two different recipes was bad and slimy, the shredded carrots were had white slime on them and stuck so bad! So, unfortunately, I won't be ordering from them also. I live the idea of the food delivery boxes, I just need to find the right one!
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on 4/30/2017