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Hello Fresh is a healthy gourmet food subscription service. Every week, they send you all the ingredients and recipes you need to make 3 meals for either 2 or 4 people.

Hello Fresh offers 3 types of meal kit plans to choose from. With the Classic Plan ($9.99 per meal), you choose recipes from the weekly Hello Fresh menu. They also offer a Vegetarian Plan ($9.99 per meal) of meat-free meals, and a Family Plan ($8.74 per meal) designed to satisfy picky eaters.

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Hello fellow foodies, I've been using HelloFresh for a while now, and I am continuously amazed at how simple their meals are to prepare and how *fresh and delicious* all of their ingredients are! Their packaging is a dream and their delivery is reliable. This is such a time save I don't know what I'd do w/o their amazing service! I used code 86F7PB to sign up and even got $40 off my first box! This code never expires, so you can take advantage of the savings as well! =] Cheers!

Clare Nicole Mester

on 12/16/2016
I've Tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I prefer Hello Fresh because the meals are boxed together, with the protein separate. I can go to the refrigerator and pull out the meal. BA had all the items in a box, clear bag and I had to go through and figure out what ingredient was for which recipe. Also, BA is eclectic. If you want to try new and different ingredients, go with BA. Hello Fresh is more typical meals, meals that I recreate. It also teaches me how to cook, learning certain techniques such as roasting, cutting vegetables a certain way and handling meat. You can choose 3 or 5 meals a week and you can choose 2 people or a family of 4. I've done the family meals and now I do the meals for 2 people 3x a week.
Joanne hair color 10 27 16


on 9/28/2016
We have now received and prepared three weeks' worth of food from Hello Fresh's Classic box. The ingredients are absolute prime quality. You'd be hard pressed to find better quality meats and produce at your local market. They send absolutely everything you'll need to prepare your meals, except for basics which any kitchen should have - salt, pepper, olive oil and water. And I have found them to be extremely generous with leafy greens, to the point that I've had enough leftovers from one meal to prepare a side salad for another meal. My husband and I are participating in a weight loss challenge, so this seemed like the perfect way to get our portion sizes under control. Most of the meals come in at around 450 - 600 calories. We've had one notable exception, the Juicy Lucy Burger which topped out at nearly 800 calories, but was so delicious it was worth it. Initially, I was concerned that the portions would be too small for people whose eating was out of control, but they're really quite generous. A couple of times, I haven't been able to finish my portion, and one day there were enough accumulated leftovers from everyone that I was able to pack a lunch sized portion to take to work the next day. The only complaint I have is with the estimated preparation times listed on their recipes. You'd have to be an experienced cook to be able to pull off some of those times. Depending on the complexity of the recipe, I'd allow anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes more than the time allotted on the recipe cards.
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on 4/18/2016