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Hello Fresh is a healthy gourmet food subscription service. Every week, they send you all the ingredients and recipes you need to make 3 meals for either 2 or 4 people.

Hello Fresh offers 3 types of meal kit plans to choose from. With the Classic Plan ($9.99 per meal), you choose recipes from the weekly Hello Fresh menu. They also offer a Vegetarian Plan ($9.99 per meal) of meat-free meals, and a Family Plan ($8.74 per meal) designed to satisfy picky eaters.

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No. Just no. I've been trying this food subscription for 3 months now and am so disappointed. The meat isn't the greatest quality, example being that the cod I got in one meal and the steak from one of their "premium, add $10" meals just had a terrible texture. No, I didn't cook it incorrectly. I've worked in the restaurant business for over a decade before becoming a stay at home mother, I know how to cook fish and steak with out ruining it. But for as much as you're paying per meal, the meat cuts dang well be better than these. The next problem is hard to describe. It's like they were trying too hard to create something new rather than sticking with something that is known to work. This often times left sauces and seasoning in combinations that were not palatable. Most of the time the "sauce" was just a poor excuse for a broth or gravy. I found myself skipping more weeks than I wasn't. I would find interest in 1 meal choice, but Hello Freah requires you purchase 3 meals for the week resulting in me skipping the week. After skipping my 5th week in a row, I canceled. Canceling was NOT as easy as you're lead to believe either. I tried to just use the mobile app, like the cancelation policy says I can do, but it wouldn't let me continue with the cancellation. I eventually had to check the part saying something along the lines of, "having troubles with delivery have customer service call me." That's how I finally got someone to cancel the box. Super frustrating. Don't waste your money. Checkout Home Chef instead. Higher quality of food, recipes are better, and I can pick just one meal, all the meals, or skip for the week. I'll admit that I was running both boxes at the same time hoping for a good variety, I still ended up ordering 6 meals with Home Chef per week and skipping the week with Hello Freah.

Janilee Mourning

on 4/16/2017
Hello fellow foodies, I've been using HelloFresh for a while now, and I am continuously amazed at how simple their meals are to prepare and how *fresh and delicious* all of their ingredients are! Their packaging is a dream and their delivery is reliable. This is such a time save I don't know what I'd do w/o their amazing service! I used code 86F7PB to sign up and even got $40 off my first box! This code never expires, so you can take advantage of the savings as well! =] Cheers!

Clare Nicole Mester

on 12/16/2016
I've Tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I prefer Hello Fresh because the meals are boxed together, with the protein separate. I can go to the refrigerator and pull out the meal. BA had all the items in a box, clear bag and I had to go through and figure out what ingredient was for which recipe. Also, BA is eclectic. If you want to try new and different ingredients, go with BA. Hello Fresh is more typical meals, meals that I recreate. It also teaches me how to cook, learning certain techniques such as roasting, cutting vegetables a certain way and handling meat. You can choose 3 or 5 meals a week and you can choose 2 people or a family of 4. I've done the family meals and now I do the meals for 2 people 3x a week.
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on 9/28/2016