Healthy Surprise Big Box

Healthy Surprise Big Box


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"The Big Box is a bigger and better version of our Classic Box. It comes in a larger box with more snacks and larger heftier snacks than the Classic Box. Soon after becoming conscious about the ingredients in the products one eats and drinks, everyone quickly gets tired of having to read ingredient lists on 100 products just to find maybe 10 that are clean. It's exhausting, frustrating and depressing. That is why a subscription to our Big Box is so convenient and awesome! Each month there are different snacks in the box. So when you sign up for a subscription, you'll get constant variety, will always have delicious healthy snacks around when hunger strikes, and be exposed to tons of amazing delicious snacks that you can actually eat! Every month our snackologists put together a new packing list of high quality, delicious snacks! In the Big Box, there are 21 full size snacks each month."

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