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Happy Mail is a new subscription from A Beautiful Mess. Subscribers get $50 (retail value) of stationery, cards, notepads, stickers, journals, etc. This box ships worldwide - additional $2 for international shipping. Annual subscriptions are reduced in price to $15 a month.

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Great feedback, I was interested in subscribing but I will pass after all these reviews.

Molly Childress

on 1/21/2016
AWFUL! I asked to CANCEL my happy box and get the messy box. In the cancel email I wrote that maybe I should just switch. I immediately signed up for the more expensive box. Four months later I'm still getting double charged. I'm pretty sure I can do a charge back which I hate to do- but how hard would it be to give me a couple of free months. Or, gasp. apologize. I am so mad because I liked this box. They're just too shady to trust with credit cards.
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on 7/10/2015
The cancelling process is really difficult. Even worse than Arcade Block, and I thought that was pretty bad... Customer Service is slow to respond. Plus if you do cancel, the refund is not pro-rated fairly. I would love this sub so much more if they just made it easier to cancel (or at least opt out of certain months), like say Wantable or CitrusLane.


on 5/22/2015