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Each month, Hamptons Lane curates amazing kitchen products together with artisan foods & ingredients into a themed box,  like the Must-Haves of Cucina  Mexicana or The Best in BBQ. On the first of the month, they reveal the box for you to take a peek at and decide whether you would like to receive it -- no charge for the boxes you skip.

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Tried "The Pasta Box" recently. It arrived with an expired flour, but customer service promised to send a new one when I contacted them. We decided to try a recipe anyway but found the recipe to be horribly written -- so bad that we wound up googling a Youtube video from an entirely different presenter to finally make something edible. Not a good first impression. We were on the fence about giving them another chance for a second month, but honestly... there's so many great boxes out there and at this higher price point I really expect to not have so many problems with a box.


on 1/11/2016
I get a box only when I like the month's curation. I like that I can skip months whenever I can. I love the quality of the products and how carefully they curate too!

Izumi Shibasaki

on 1/29/2015