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"A subscription service for parents that prefer high-quality toys for their kids that are 6 months – 5 years of age, while saving money and reducing clutter. For a monthly fee, receive up to 4 toys/month, play as long as your kids like, buy the ones they love and return the rest or all."

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We LOVE our green piñata toys!!!! It’s such a great subscription that supports theme-based learning because each month we can choose new toys based on the theme we are learning about. Such a great way to keep play new and exciting without breaking the bank and crowding your house by purchasing new toys all the time!
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on 10/26/2017
We gave a Green Piñata subscription to my daughter for her birthday, and she is absolutely loving our first box! Both of my girls (ages 2 and 3.5) have been obsessed with the four toys that came this month -- they haven't touched anything else this week. I love that each toy comes with "suggested ways to play" to extend the learning opportunities available, especially helpful for homeschooling moms!

Angela Chang

on 10/23/2017
Green Piñata has been amazing! My one-year-old loves the toys moreso than any other toy she owns. The toys have not only made her want to play more, but have also made her older siblings want to be involved in playtime. I am thoroughly happy with this subscription and the toys. I look forward to playtime with my little one every single day.

Jillian Johnson

on 10/20/2017