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Each week, you'll get 5 new smoothie recipes and all the pre-portioned, organic ingredients you'll need to make 10 smoothies. Recipes are hand-crafted by nutritionists to ensure quality and nutritional value. $49/week

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This box subscription is an awful waste of time and money for a busy, working professional, or a city dweller with limited refrigerator, and counter-top space. They advertise as "smoothie" company that provides "pre-portioned" ingredients. But in reality, they just send you an recipes sheet with a bunch of loose vegetables and fruits. All the preparation is expected to be completed by you. You will need ample refrigerator space, and a food preparation area. This is not ideal for people who are wanting to blend a quick smoothie in the office or grab a smoothie for breakfast to go. You need to wash, peel, chop all the ingredients. This is extremely time consuming. I was very disappointed at what a pain this program is. I wish it was more clearly stated. When I contacted the company to get a refund, they refused. I thought it was similar to DailyHarvest, which is a "to go" program. If you want a bunch of loose vegetables and fruits, order from FreshDirect, or go to to your local store for a fraction of the price! Then google Smoothie recipes. $49 is outrageous for the lack of "service" they offer.

Beatrice Leone

on 5/23/2017
This box is pretty great. You get tons of fresh produce, enough ingredients for two smoothies per recipe. The recipes are different every week and always really good. I drink them in the morning as a breakfast replacement.
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on 1/21/2015