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Graze is a monthly subscription of wholesome, healthy snacks. You get to select which of their 100+ snacks you want in each 8-snack box, as well as the delivery schedule. Choose to receive snacks every week, every two weeks, or every four weeks.

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I subscribed when they were still in testing phase and I've kept it ever since. They give complete control over when you get your box, a choice o boxes, and you can tell them what to send and not send again!
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Sofia Anglarill

on 2/1/2015
I got a free trial and was not impressed, I gave them a second chance because they offered me a half price box if I stayed and again, I did not like them. First they make you purchase 2 times a month and the packaging is so ridiculously small that even at $6.95 subscription fee it's still a rip off. To each their own, but I did not care for any of their snacks and I would not recommend them.
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on 1/25/2015
My girlfriend loves the box WHEN SHE GETS THEM. Graze has some serious shipping issues and our boxes have been "lost in the mail" twice in the last 2 months. Not looking good. Luckily they will refund you no questions asked for the first box, but after that you gotta open up a case with them via email to get refunded

John Zafiropoulos

on 1/14/2015