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Good Mouth is a monthly toothbrush subscription service that gives back. For every toothbrush that is purchased, one toothbrush is also given to charity. Mints, lip balm, and toothpaste are also available.

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I liked Goodmouth a lot better than I like Boka. I wish Boka hadn't bought all the other dental subscription boxes. Can you say "monopoly"?
Msn evil shadowusul


on 4/27/2016
I did love this subscription, for the whopping 2 shipments I got from them before they announced they were merging with BOKA. Their affordable brushes ($2 each) are no longer available. You have to set up a new account with BOKA and their brushes are $8 for 2, or $16 for a starter kit of 1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste and 1 floss. I was paying $10 for 5 toothbrushes. Now I would be paying $24 for 6 toothbrushes, because I no longer have the option of buying just 5. Ask me if I will be continuing this service.
No Photo


on 3/15/2016
Love it! Either I forget to buy toothbrushes or a guest forgot to bring one; either way this program is excellent.
Mms 20130621


on 1/4/2016