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GlossyBox is a beauty and makeup subscription. They send out 4-5 deluxe and full size beauty products each month.

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This is the worst beauty box subscription ever! The products they send are worth about what you pay for the box and I cannot use most of them. They sent my August box and the crappy blush arrived shattered into pieces. I had to send photographs to prove the damage. After a week, I received a reply that a replacement would be sent via snail mail with no tracking... WTF?? I checked their website and my 3 month subscription indicates that it is canceled? I fully intended to cancel, but apparently they did it for me. I am trying to remember which credit card I used so I can chargeback this nightmare experience... AVOID this subscription service. Read the other reviews and save yourself the aggravation. I must confess that I was drunk - shopping when I signed up for 3 months of this awful stuff. HUGE MISTAKE.

Dawn Garcia

on 9/15/2017
This is by far THE WORST subscription box!!!! I signed up for the monthly box on 07/16. Immediately cancelled within 30 minutes because they had an offer to send you a free box if you signed up for 3 months which is what I did. Ended up receiving 2 July boxes which I let go because ok it automatically charged me, not a huge deal. Let me also mention that the free box included a perfume that was supposed to be in a tube that rolls on your skin and it was so damn old that it literally crumbled when I tried to roll it on my skin. Took their customer service 2 weeks to come back and basically tell me your SOL because they weren't replacing it and deal with getting sub par items in your subscription. That prompted me to cancel the 3 month subscription. I'm not giving my money to a company that thinks it's good business practice to send old items and expect paying customers to just suck it up. Cut to August.... (my 3 month subscription ends in September) and once again I receive 2 August boxes! How in the world are you going to charge me for and send me a box that was clearly cancelled??? It showed as cancelled since July 16th on their website yet today still shows as cancelled but yeah we're just gonna charge you and send you boxes that you clearly cancelled! Emailed CS about this and I'm sure it will take another 2 weeks for them to tell me again that I'm SOL... so I went straight to my cc company, disputed the charge and I'm done! I subscribe to 12 boxes monthly and I've never had any kind of issues with any other company but this one. Horrible customer service and honestly their boxes aren't worth the money or the aggravation. Please save your money and don't waste it on this subscription. Fair warning


on 8/19/2017
Something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with this company. Go to FB and read the posts. I recently asked them what their policy was for cancelling--ie will they refund the remainder. Instead of a response, they cancelled my subscription and no there is NO refund for the remainder. They never responded to earlier queries about a broken palette. Then they made a big deal about choosing the color of the july box. Most of us did not get the one we selected. Then they told us we were wrong, we never made a choice when I did mine within hours of the email. They have made no emails or apologies and have essentially told subscribers we made a mistake not them. I emailed CS about this, their cancellation I did not request and spilled shampoo with a strong scent that sent me to the ER and cost me $300 copay and defective items. Over 30 days later NO RESPONSE from CS. Finally after placing a comment on FB site they get back to me telling me I never made a choice or made it too late and that they will send me another sample of the shampoo that nearly killed me. There are subscribers that have waited 4 months for a response, others who have won things, but never received them, and others with broken items or not received boxes that are still waiting for CS. Others have tried calling for days and can not get through via phone. This month I was missing an item and past months are pretty much tiny samples of nothing most people want interspersed with an occasional decent item. There are now rumors they were sold and others that they are going under-- I can not verify any of those, but the quality is not there and customer service is now non-existent unless you complain on FB and even then. their response is ineffectual, just wrong, and certainly did not address any of my concerns. I seriously would not have signed up for a year at the regular price-(-no gift, nothing as the coupons did not work) if I had known how terrible this box is turning out to be. I'd give this a STRONG BUYER BEWARE if you are thinking of subscribing.

Analeesa Corsetlover

on 8/18/2017