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Spoiler Alert! GlossyBox February 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

GlossyBox is a beauty and makeup subscription. They send out 4-5 deluxe and full size beauty products each month.

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I have a lot of feedback. I love love love Glossybox. I love the box itself; not the mishaps I have had. I subscribed in the past and had no issue cancelling as I followed the rules. Only reason I cancelled was due to needing the extra cash. I resubscribe within the first few days of November and expect to receive my November box and a limited edition box I add to the cart as well. I'm charged for both. Long story short, it took several months and around 20 emails and two phone calls to finally get the two boxes after I had already received my December and January boxes. It wasn't that anybody wasn't helping me but rather it seemed like nobody knew what was going on and so they kept sending me on wild chases to fix the issue that was THEIR error. I got my boxes finally though and I was very happy. I have been subscribed to similar boxes and Glossybox is by far my favorite in quality and the number of full size, quality products.
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on 2/8/2018
Glossybox can occasionally wow you with a monthly box but if you have a problem and if you subscribe you’ll eventually have a problem. Their customer service is lacking there’s a chat option that’s never available and email takes forever. It takes days to ask a simple question and they do things like cancel your monthly box if you cancel your subscription. I’ve seen so many people have issues getting the rest of their prepaid subscription boxes from Glossybox.
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on 12/23/2017
Long time reader/ lurker first time post GLOSSY BOX The worst subscription experience ever. I can’t believe they actually get away with what they are doing. Totally caveat emptor! I went in with eyes wide open, even after reading some of the horrible reviews here, but they had a three month $10 each box special. So I thought I’d be safe or special...LOL. My December box was shipped on the 6th according to their email and here it is the 19th and still have not received. I called twice and was disconnected. The third time I pressed 1, for new orders, and actually spoke to someone right away! When I explained that I hadn’t received my box she proceeded to tell me that they we require a hand signed document, that can only be submitted through their online messaging system! How can they do that? I don’t have a printer! See, I think they knew I had cancelled as soon as I got my 3rd and last notice that the 10 dollar box was being shipped. I read here that they play tricky getting you for another month but ahaha I cancelled my paypal payment. So to avoid future billings. I ended up filing a paypal complaint because I want the box or at the very least my money back. Stay away!!
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on 12/19/2017