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Spoiler Alert! GlossyBox Mother’s Day 2017 Box SPOILER #5 + Coupon!

GlossyBox is a beauty and makeup subscription. They send out 4-5 deluxe and full size beauty products each month.

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GlossyBox is a nightmare!!! I used the chat method on the 14th to check on my box being my first month I thought I should have heard something by now. I was told that they have 2 weeks to deliver and we said I paid on April 1st so they said 14 biz days. Ok cool understandable. Then I look today and where the word payment used to be in green with a check mark now is in red. I check my spam folder and I had a letter from them stating they never got the correct payment from me????? I have the credit card reference number that they were paid $10.50 because I used a coupon code from here in MSA. So looks like I'm not getting the April box now and I don't even remember the coupon code I used, I just copy and pasted it to their website. I read how bad this company is from others and I wish I listened and never signed up.
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[email protected]

on 4/17/2017
Funny that they took a black marker and redacted expiration date. I got the Tarte sunscreen moisturizer in a recent GLOSSYBOX, and contacted their customer service department because the sunscreen had an expiration of 06/2017. I complained and asked for a new bottle that didnt expire within a few months and they were unable to meet my requests. They offered me to choose a complimentary gift from 2 recent products and shipped to me. I dont know if i was the only one to complain about the expiration date on the tarte sunscreen but if they are now blacking it out it probably is because of a lot of complaints.

Kelly Herman

on 4/16/2017
I just renewed because boxes were on sale for $15.99/month x 3 months. I got my first of the 3 boxes-the March box. Wow, what a disappointment because the one product that I was excited to receive (Tarte BB Cream) ended up being a huge letdown! I received the Tarte BB Cream in medium, and I was happy to get it until I noticed something really wrong! When I checked it, I found that the expiration date on the tab of the box was actually redacted by black marker! It looks like someone took a black Sharpee marker and blacked out the expiration date. I can't see underneath the ink to make out the expiration date, and that's the only place on the item where the expiration date is located. Is that even legal? Obviously it must be expired or expiring really soon, and I don't appreciate paying for expired products!!! Really, does Glossy Box think subscribers are stupid to pull a stunt like this on us? I took pictures and wrote their customer service with my complaint. Never subscribing to Glossy Box again, even if on sale. Shame on them!
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on 4/7/2017