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GlobeIn Club members will receive one artisan product (it can be anything from a mug to jewelry to home decor products) each month. In addition members can add more fair trade products to their monthly package (the "empowerment pack") at exclusive, members-only prices.

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The GlobeIn Club Box is a great introduction to GlobeIn. When I first subscribed, I worried that I would receive a decorative little trinket each month that would have no purpose other than to adorn my mantel. However, I've been happily proved wrong. I've received two Club boxes so far, and both had an item that had a purpose and was useful. The December Club Box featured 3oz of natural sea salt from Pangasinan in the Philippines packaged in a small palm leaf box. With each box, GlobeIn includes a photo card showing the people and the process that created the product, and the back has more detailed information. I may not be able to budget in a subscription to GlobeIn's larger Artisan Box at this time, but by subscribing to the Club Box, I'm positive that I would have just as great an experience with a greater positive impact on the communities and regions that the products come from.

Linda Baysore

on 12/10/2016