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Pet Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs and cats. Each month you can select toys, treats, grooming items you want in your box (typically 5-6 items), or be surprised.

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I believe petbox is out of business. Their website does not work and their facebook page is closed down.
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on 12/21/2015
A check of their Facebook page shows the most recent post as October 6th…..and it seems that there are other disgruntled customers who have not received their shipments.
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on 11/11/2015
They used to have individual items (treats, toys, etc.) for sale but for months now the site has indicated that they are moving. Impossible to get anyone by phone. Very difficult to get an e-mail reply. They did have some nice products but I feel like it is a struggle to use your points. I feel bad about this because I did like the items they offered. Maybe they will get back on their feet.
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on 10/19/2015