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Always a big fan of the items that come in the Geek Fuel box. We have review videos of each box on our YouTube channel. Looking forward to Decembers box for sure!


on 11/24/2015
I was greatly impressed by my first Geek Fuel box. The shirt was not as cool as I hoped for this month (November 2015 box) but everything thing else impressed me.
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David Bitterbaum

on 11/19/2015
This is the best geek box out there in my opinion. The last 2 shirts have been 2 of the best shirts I have gotten from sub boxes. Every box also has a free steam game download. Junes box was a true surprise with 2 paperbacks inside. If you get the years sub you get several bonus items, which they put in your regular boxes over time, and they are much better than the lame shirt that loot crate sends you for a year sub. If I could only swing one sub box, it would be this one.

William Smith

on 6/30/2015