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Five Four Club is a monthly clothing subscription box for men. Each month they send you 2-3 pieces based on your style profile and measurements.

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I am submitting this review as a warning to people who are shorter and/or overweight. I recently purchased my first box, where they asked me among other questions, my size. I honestly need a 40x29 size pants, which I put. I submitted and eagerly awaited my new clothes. When the clothes arrived the shirt was okay, nothing special, but the problem was in my pants. They were as long as I am tall. At 5'4'' I need shorter pants. I contacted them via e-mail and talked a a customer service woman who apologized and told me they don't make a 29 in inseam with a 40 waist. I was told they had standard sizes, that I never saw or was warned about, but when I decided to dig deep into the website found them. They did offer to give me a $10 discount on my next box if I wanted to get them tailored. However it is hard to tailor pants when the crotch goes past your knees. Plus, why would I want a second box if you don't make clothes that fit me. I then asked for a refund and was told they are a no refund company, but I could have a different article of premium clothes. So now I will get 2 shirts, which doesn't seem fair. So please be warned they are a borderline scam of a company who will send you whatever they want including sizes and you can not ever get a refund when you are unhappy with the product.

Evan Tiras

on 9/19/2017
Terrible service. They got my shipment wrong 3 months in a row and instead of taking care of it, they say they will send it in your next shipment!!! So instead of making it right, they just move it to the next month - only to get it wrong again. Overall the clothes are good but don't love that the jeans are a long length and you have to get them hemmed yourself. They had a shipment that was nearly a month late and to make up for it they gave $10 to the store which is practically nothing. I would find another clothing subscription for sure.

Douglas Fiefia

on 8/29/2017
I have had similar negative experience with their shipping and customer service. 2 failed shipping attempts in a row and then over a week goes by and the problem was not addressed. No communication or effort had been given to solving the issue in any way. I could keep rambling on...they deserve a bad review. I have documents supporting my issues.
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on 8/17/2017