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Five Four Club is a monthly clothing subscription box for men. Each month they send you 2-3 pieces based on your style profile and measurements.

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Stay Away. If I wanted cheap t-shirts I would have hit wal-mart. In 2 months I have received 3 t-shirts. The customer service is garbage but more importantly the styles they choose are garbage.

Andrew Walters

on 9/27/2016
trust me don't get this subscription box. they make it impossible to cancel and the clothes are not that great, if they send the wrong size they only send you something different not the same thing in the correct size. if they had any customer service it might be ok. but they never answer the phone. you have to block it on your credit card in order to cancel, NOT WORTH IT!

Michael Klein

on 7/20/2016
I signed up for about 3 different Men's fashion boxes at the same time. Five Four Club is the only one I stuck with. The prices are extremely reasonable. For what you get, it feels like you are always getting a deal. Customer service team is extremely helpful and friendly. Pros: Quality clothes, fair price. Lots of promotions and always some sort of perk or bonus added to your box. Website has a really easy interface. I originally signed up thinking I would quit because I don't like the fact that I can't choose what clothes I get but they seem to mix it up enough that I am not never bored or disappointed. Cons: Monthly option only. I have a pretty established wardrobe so I really only need a couple of items every two months at best. I end up pausing and unpausing my membership so I can limit the amount of clothes I get. Its not difficult to do.
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on 5/4/2016