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Five Four Club is a monthly clothing subscription box for men. Each month they send you 2-3 pieces based on your style profile and measurements.

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Had a terrible customer service experience. They messed up two of my orders. One of my orders never came and the other came with "refund" written in pencil on the receipt and no explanation or follow up as to why it was this way. After talking to support, I asked for a month free as a reprieve from these issues and they refused. Even the supervisor couldn't provide this. Very disappointed.

Philip Delvecchio

on 5/31/2017
For me the Casual bright choose works great. Sends me stuff I love wearing the only thing I'm on the fence about is the button downs, they all seem to have the same pattern just in different colors. I don't mind the occasional branding but recently most tees have five four written on them prominently. The jeans and henley styles shirts are great and some of my favorite in my wardrope.
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on 5/19/2017
I'm kind of unhappy with them. I got a handful of clothing, and, you know what? I always avoid the clothes they sent me. I don't think Mark McNairy is a great designer. The only thing I have ever gotten from them was a sparkly black Avengers jacket that actually fit me pretty well, but, it had no pockets. How strange is that for men's jackets?
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on 5/12/2017