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Fancy Box is the original subscription box from Each box contains $80+ worth of gadgets, home goods, clothing, etc. based on your category preferences. Each box costs $39 plus $7.95 shipping to the US. International shipping fees may apply for other countries.

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My boys love the box. I got it for Christmas one year and continued to get get it. I let them pick what they want then the rest goes in the gift box. My sister and nieces are going to do a box swop and it should be a fun night.
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Patty Morgan

on 8/4/2014
I like the Fancy boxes, but when I posted a negative comment about an item, it was erased. Twice. It seems they only allow positive comments that will sell the products and not honest opinions.

Johnmark Hinton

on 7/27/2014
Check othr review sites and see what the rubes, like me, who got taken in, have to say before you put out money.
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Angela W.

on 5/28/2014