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FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that sends you the latest in beauty and fashion, fitness, and wellness every season. The box is curated by Guilana Rancic and the FabFitFun team, and each season is guaranteed to have $120+ worth of full sized product!

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I’ve received five FFF boxes. This is the biggest bag for your bucks in terms of the retail value you receive. It’s a seasonal box and I highly recommend signing up for annual membership so you get first picks of the box curation and add ons which have killer deals. These are high value jewelry, fabric (think ponchos and scarves), hair, face, and makeup products at a heavily discounted price. Even if you only like one or two items in the box it’s worth it! You can message me for a link to get $$$$ off your first box if you want to try.
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on 1/19/2018
i just received the october starter box. i thought the summer & rose clutch would be the star and it is a disappointment. the lining was bunched and won't flatten on one side, the zipper doesn't zip all the way, and there are 2 small indentations that look like holes and seem to be permanent. honestly, i've seen better products at target! i do love the spongelle - i was initially put off by the intensity of the honey blossom scent but after using it, i was in love. the whish face mist is refreshing and the tarte lip liner/lip stick in one is nice although i don't typically wear nude lip color. overall i was happy with the items in the starter especially given its $19.99 price tag. but i have high hopes for my first full-sized box (winter) and hope i'm not left disappointed.
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on 10/30/2017
I wish I could review the Fall box. Sounds like it is full of junk. Probably like the Summer one was. The problem is I still haven`t received the fall box. They charged my card 35 days ago. Sent me a tracking email on Sept. 5. It`s Oct. 5th and I've sent 2 emails which have been unresponded to. Especially the one asking for a refund. It`s going to be winter by the time the irrelevant stunk shows up at my house. Yes, I;m in canada so I even paid extra for this ridiciulous shipping time. Bottom line, I could have ordered this stuff from China and gotten it quicker and a lot cheaper than the 80+ I spent on this joke of a subscription. I`m unhappy.

Jen Domansky

on 10/5/2017