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Every month Escape Monthly lets you experience incredible destinations – from Tahiti to Rome and from Sicily to Barcelona. Inside, we pack incredible foods, relaxation tips and secrets, and the highest quality products focused on pampering oneself. Each box contains an assortment of deluxe items, plus completely unique content inspired by each destination.

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The "Luxe" box is a TOTAL SCAM. I received my first shipment, and it had cheap items, and not near the 20 of them that Escape Monthly claims. The box also included all the spoiler items for the standard box, even though the company says that every single item between the standard and luxe boxes are different. When I emailed customer service, they apologized and immediately sent me the "luxe box". I was impressed with the customer service, until I received it. It was the SAME BOX but the brochure said "Luxe Box" on the front instead of "Standard". I even found an online review of the standard box which had the exact items both that I had been sent did. Needless to say, the Luxe box is just a way for them to charge $20 more. Absolutely ridiculous.
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on 9/30/2015
I tried Escape Monthly for two months and that was it. Just a bunch of garbage thrown together with a travel book that will end up in my book store donations pile. It was 75% food items that I did not want to eat due to storage concerns (that box sat in a UPS truck all day in the summer- no thanks!) and the rest of it was just odds and ends (a deck of playing cards from Vegas, etc.).


on 9/16/2015
Just so so. Probably worth the price but doesn't knock your socks off. I had a food item that was spoiled and they promised me twice they take care of it. Never did


on 8/26/2015