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"Meet Emma&Chloé:

Emma&Chloé began introducing up-and-coming French jewelry designers to the women of Europe four years ago. Now, we are delivering straight to the doors of women all across America!

Become a member and receive a unique, high-quality jewelry piece by one of France’s hottest independent designers every month, complete with certificate of authenticity, an Emma&Chloé travel pouch and our monthly French lifestyle magazine, La Gazette."

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    What is Emma&Chloe?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "Emma&Chloe is the only company bringing the creations of independent, up-and-coming jewelry designers from France to the US. Each month, you’ll receive a new piece of jewelry with a retail value of $50–$200 according to your preferred color options (gold, silver or surprise) and earring style when applicable (post or clip-on), as well as a certificate of authenticity, an Emma&Chloé protective travel pouch and our monthly lifestyle magazine, La Gazette."

    Is Emma&Chloe worth it?

  • Emma&Chloe is worth it if you prefer “quality over quantity,” love discovering new designers and enjoy wearing unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

    How much does Emma&Chloe cost?

  • By-the-month subscriptions are $35/month, with discounts given when you subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. A 12-month subscription is $348, a $72 savings.

    When doe Emma&Chloe ship?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "Boxes are typically shipped on the first week of every month from our US warehouse, and generally arrive between the 5th and 15th depending on your location. For new subscribers, you will receive the box for the the month in which your first order was placed."

    How do I reach Emma&Chloe customer service?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "You may reach Emma&Chloe customer service directly at [email protected] and will receive a response within 48 hours."

    How do I unsubscribe from Emma&Chloe?

  • From Emma&Chloe: "To unsubscribe, simply send an email to [email protected] prior to the end of your current subscription."

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The jewelry is very pretty but it did not fit me as a plus size woman. I ended up canceling.

Sarah Scott

on 9/13/2017
Huge disappointment!!!! I cancelled on July 31st and still got charged on aug 8 ,,, so I emailed,,,, she said no problem we will send you a credit ,,, credit never came. No one answered new emails about getting the cost back for a week.... then the person blamed me for not cancelling till the 8th (which wasn't true,,, and I have email to proof) Jewelry is very cheap looking,,, not worth what they say it's worth. Super disappointed :/

Karen Tompkins Hancock

on 8/25/2017
Not a fan of this subscription box. I cancelled after receiving July box. You cannot return the items if you don't like box and want to cancel please be aware of that. Jewelry is supposed to be something you can't get anywhere else but its basic..
No Photo


on 7/26/2017