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Ellie Fit Fashionista is a monthly workout gear clothing subscription. Each month you get to pick out two pieces from their latest collection for only $49.95 total plus shipping.

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I was a huge supported of Ellie for a long time but their July shipping pissed me off. They took my money when I ordered (on the 8th of the month) and didn't ship my pieces until the 22nd! They were supposed to ship around the 11th but had issues twice. When I emailed them asking to just cancel my order they emailed back basically saying, "Oops, we tried but USPS just picked it up." I loved my outfit but I don't love the lag time between them taking my money and sending me a product. I've switched to Fabletics. I like the quality of the pieces more and they actually have the product available to ship when you order - AMAZING.

Cassie Ehrenberg

on 8/28/2014
I have been subscribing to Ellie for over a year now. I have not had one piece of clothing that hasn't held up to my 5 day a week work out schedule. All items are made in the USA - this is always a huge hit for me. I have swapped for a few of the Fabletics items and so far found the quality of the items to be far lower than the Ellie items and each piece was made in China. I am sticking with the Ellie line.
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Debbie P.

on 8/6/2014
I did Ellie for 6 months. I agree with the slow shipping but the quality and fit is far better than Fabletics. I did Fab for one month and the top received a hole in it the first time and the pant's fit was horrible. Another problem I have had with both companies is that sweat will show through if you get a color other than black...:-( nothing is better than Lululemon. I will order from Ellie again because it's cheaper than Lulu and they have some cute designs!

Mary Rebecca

on 5/9/2014