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Spoiler Alert! Ellie Workout Wear Subscription August 2017 FULL SPOILERS

Ellie Fit Fashionista is a monthly workout gear clothing subscription. Each month you get to pick out two pieces from their latest collection for only $49.95 total plus shipping.

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Don't subscribe! You can't count on getting what's listed. They won't order enough to even cover existing subscriptions (or they'll prioritize new customer orders first and run out of your size, even though they clearly knew what they needed to fill your standing subscription before the beginning of the month), then they'll send you something not even similar, quite frankly something nobody wants, and tell you you're out of luck when you complain. I should have done more research on them before signing up. They have bad reviews all over the place. They also don't allow FB reviews, which should be a huge red flag. I'd guess they'd have a horrible rating if they did. Easiest way to solve that without actually working on your process or customer service? Turn them off.

Erin Curry Jacobs

on 5/3/2017
I was a huge supported of Ellie for a long time but their July shipping pissed me off. They took my money when I ordered (on the 8th of the month) and didn't ship my pieces until the 22nd! They were supposed to ship around the 11th but had issues twice. When I emailed them asking to just cancel my order they emailed back basically saying, "Oops, we tried but USPS just picked it up." I loved my outfit but I don't love the lag time between them taking my money and sending me a product. I've switched to Fabletics. I like the quality of the pieces more and they actually have the product available to ship when you order - AMAZING.

Cassie Ehrenberg

on 8/28/2014
I have been subscribing to Ellie for over a year now. I have not had one piece of clothing that hasn't held up to my 5 day a week work out schedule. All items are made in the USA - this is always a huge hit for me. I have swapped for a few of the Fabletics items and so far found the quality of the items to be far lower than the Ellie items and each piece was made in China. I am sticking with the Ellie line.
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Debbie P.

on 8/6/2014