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Dollar Shave Club is the original razor subscription service. They offers 3 razor options: $1, $6 and $9 a month. They also recently added shave cream and wipes.

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I get the executive sub for my husband and he can not stop telling everyone how much he loves them! He shaves his head and beard but still never runs out of blades in a month! We were spending atleast $45 a month of just razors. Now only 9.99 plus every 3 months a bottle of the shaving butter! I've also been able to get a sample every month for him to try things. This month was the wipes, which he says are amazing 😉. All seriousness though, my man has very sensitive skin and the razors nor the shave butter have given him a cut or rash. He's stocking up on extra blades but almost panicked when I asked if I should skip a month. Let's hope they keep going strong for many years!

Jenn Watkins

on 11/12/2016
I subscribed to the Dollar Shave Club 3 months ago. I purchased the Executive for $9/month. It is a great razor, stands neck & neck with the “name brands”. Being the frugal girl that I am…I always tried to get the most out of my razors. Well I made one blade last almost a month. So for the next month I changed my subscription to the 4x @ $6/month for my hubby. He is very pleased with the razor & blades. I then switched it back to the Executive for the following month…They sent me a new handle w/the blades again, so I now have a razor for legs/pits & one for bikini area…Also they send a sample product in each box…I plan to keep alternating my subscription each month so my hubby & I never run out…Great Company, I have no plans to ever leave…Can’t wait to try more of their products. I love the Shave Butter.

Darcy Sprinkle Johnson

on 9/7/2016
I have been getting the $9/mo subscription for almost two years now the quality of the blades are so great that I still never run out ! They seem to stay sharper longer than most store bought for a fraction of the price. Am actually thinking of giving a couple of the subscriptions as Father's Day gifts this year! Extremely pleased with DSC!

Alicia Gammons

on 5/6/2016