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Dia&Co is an online personal styling service for women with curves, sizes 14-32. We take the time to get to know you and then send hand-selected clothing and accessories chosen to match your unique style and figure. Before your Dia Box is shipped, you are charged a $20 styling fee. If you decide to purchase anything from that box, the fee is credited to your purchase. However, if you don't buy anything, the fee does not get credited back to your account. The styling fee only applies to your current box and can't be refunded, so sharing more information with our stylists upfront is important!

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I love Dia! You can choose to have it come monthly, or stop it any time you want. I once had to change my credit card info, and had no problems with that. Free shipping, free returns . . . I get very excited when my box arrives. I have never kept everything they've sent me, but that's OK. Really, who could ask for more for $20/mo.?

Kirsten Cummins

on 11/15/2016
Love this box! The first box was a little rough, but I made sure to make notes on things I really really wanted to see or try. Out of nowhere (three or four boxes in) my stylist changed and I feel really disappointed and feel like I have to start all over again.. Willing to give it another box or two in order to completely get it right.

Melissa Kane

on 10/30/2016
My first month was underwhelming and didn't really fit at all. I sent it back in full, and gave really detailed responses on the website. I got a slightly better set my second time, and I kept it by accident—I forgot to ship it back in time. My third set is where things got really nice—the set I was sent was absolutely perfect for me, in color and pattern and fit. Since then, I've kept all my boxes because everything fits and flatters! The few fit issues I have are always ones I can fix with a bit of at-home tailoring. The communication from the stylists is always sweet and really personalized. This has made fashion a much more exciting part of my life. I used to dread trying on new clothes and I love trying on Dia&Co boxes. I think it's important to remember that this is a styling service! Obviously, they're not going to know how to shop for you the first few times. $25 for someone to pick out clothes for you each month isn't a waste. It's worth it if you've been having problems shopping for your shape. Dia&Co has made a huge difference in the shopping experience for me as a plus size woman.
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on 10/5/2016