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DAILYLOOK Elite is a personal styling service for women that sends you 6-10 hand-selected items each month curated by your own personal stylist and tailored to your style profile. You keep the items you want and return the rest back within 5 business days; shipping is free!

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I don’t normally take the time to write a bad review but I just cancelled after about 6 months of disappointment. They charge the styling fee plus $150 deposit per shipment, and then they send you over $800 worth of clothes. The clothing seems less ‘curated by your personal stylist’ and more throwaways that didn’t sell somewhere else. They’re wrinkled and I thought pretty expensive. Like $79 t shirts. And I swear I would return something and get almost the exact thing in the next box. I would generally keep 2 items because I couldn’t cram it all back in the return bag. They notify you it’s shipped and then it might arrive 10 days (!) later. But if you don’t get your returns sent back within 3-5 days prepare to be charged for all of it. On top of which returns are only through UPS, not very convenient in a small town. You have to call to cancel, inconvenient and time consuming. Oh, and the questionnaire is endless. Shocked by the good reviews. I love the style and convenience of Stitchfix, the app is great. I’m excited to try Urbane Box.
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on 12/29/2017
This styling service is perfect for me because I prefer classic looks as well as patterns and colors that I can mix and match with my existing clothes. What I like the most is that the pieces I've bought are comfortable and somewhat causal! Perfect for a working woman!
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Laura Lewis

on 11/2/2017
Took the plunge after resisting for a while, now I just can’t picture buying clothes any other way! I think shopping for clothes can be fun and I do it now and then, but when you realize how much time people spend doing that it just seems absurd. OF course, not everyone has the money to get styled, but if you want to invest in yourself then definitely give this a try. I really like their service because its straightforward and the clothes are very cute and work appropriate.

Donna James

on 11/1/2017