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DAILYLOOK Elite is a personal styling service for women that sends you 6-10 hand-selected items each month curated by your own personal stylist and tailored to your style profile. You keep the items you want and return the rest back within 5 business days; shipping is free!

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I was excited to get my box but once I received it was disappointing. I tried a couple more months and like 1 or 2 items but decided I just needed to cancel it. The quality is subpar on many of the items. This month I got charged my usual $40 and a pending transaction I had a credit from the previous month that I accidentally didn't use so I contacted customer service and was told I can use it for my next month. I was about to check out and I see the credit available. I contacted customer service to ask them about something and all of a sudden it got deleted. I asked them why they deleted it and they told me it was a glich. I told them NO I have a credit from the previous month and a rep told me I can apply to this month. Now they're saying there's no way I can do that because it expired even though the expiration didn't pass. I let them know that I have an email stating I can apply it for future use and the rep kept repeating saying no I can't it expired. I am so angry right now. I lost $80 in credit and they won't admit to deleting my credit.
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on 6/10/2016
I've been on the wait list for almost 7 months now, no sign of a shipment anytime soon, I would love to try this box but i cant even get my trial boxes.

Selena Esquivel

on 7/23/2015
I've gotten two boxes out of three from a free trial. I've kept a grand total of 1 item - it's been worn and washed twice and already falling apart. These clothes are very poor quality and seem made for 6 foot tall models. From what I've seen, their clothes are all the Daily Look brand, not outside designers or brands like you get in Stitch Fix (although Stitch Fix has their own brands). The clothes are also very trendy and youthful and not really my style. And like others have mentioned, shipping (both ways) is very slow. I do like that they show you the items in your box as soon as it ships, and that you can browse their inventory and put specific items you like in a wishlist that they then refer to. Stitch Fix would really benefit from these features, but otherwise Stitch Fix has been far superior in my experience.

Bethany Kwan

on 6/5/2015