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DAILYLOOK Elite is a personal styling service for women that sends you 6-10 hand-selected items each month curated by your own personal stylist and tailored to your style profile. You keep the items you want and return the rest back within 5 business days; shipping is free!

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​ ​I had seen an ad from this company a while back and finally decided to try it. I was not disappointed! I was surprised by the quality of the pieces that I went overboard on my first box. I won’t lie, the prices of some pieces can be on the higher side, but I’m learning how important it is to invest in good quality pieces. As long as I continue to receive the same service I will continue to be a subscriber!

Millicent Xandercs

on 9/18/2017
I feel like I have such a great relationship with my stylist. There was a time my stylist sent me this horrendous sweater and I told her I hated it. She did't take it personally and she listened to what I said. I can tell she really takes the time to read all my feedback. The check out process is really extensive. If my stylist didn't read it all and style my next box better according to that, then I wouldn't even bother giving my feedback. BUT my stylist always does better and better. She's my savior and like the super stylish older sister I never had.
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on 9/8/2017
“I was really hesitant to try out their service after reading a lot of the reviews, but I kept seeing their ads and continued to follow them on IG and saw some super cute stuff, so I just bit the bullet and tried it out. I'm so glad I did. I love how they let you preview the box before they ship it out so that I can quickly scan what my stylist picked for me. I can edit it and take a couple items out that I don't want and get it replaced with some better alternatives. I always keep at least one item from my box and I love how they send me 10-12 to choose from. I honestly haven't had any issues with any of my boxes (on my 4th one). I've heard a lot about Stitch Fix but I think I'm going to stick to DAILYLOOK for now. Styles are so cute!!!
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on 8/31/2017