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Cosmo-Kitty Crate is a monthly subscription box service. At the beginning of each month, a new awesome theme will be announced, This is where you (the customer) gets involved! After the announcement, you will have a limited time frame in which to grab (pre-order: let's be civil...) a fabulous surprise box for yourself. Then all you have to do, is sit back, stick the kettle on, have a biscuit or 10, and wait for the packages to be sent out at the end of the month. Meanwhile, whilst you are "Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool"... A bunch of carefully selected, and excitingly talented crafters will set about putting together cute, unique and statement pieces, based around the set theme, for you to adorn your pencil cases, mantelpieces, bathrooms, furniture, and your beautifully individual selves! Because the boxes are so unique, each month the type of product may vary, with products ranging from stationary to jewelry... even soaps!

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