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Each beauty collection contains full-size quality cosmetics, treatment products and fragrances plus a detailed description of each product and helpful hints on using them.

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Women, Subscription Boxes for Beauty Products

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I'm canceling this morning. I love the stuff but its just too high for me and I have an item missing from my last box. I would like to have gotten all I paid for. Love my products I've recieved though.

Linda Cooper White

on 9/3/2016
I'm surprised there is so little feedback for this subscription. Anyway, here goes: I decided to give them a chance, even though I couldn't find any information here or on YouTube. I just cancelled my subscription today, but more because I just get too many boxes and my house is exploding with stuff. Here are some fact that may help others decide whether to subscribe or not: 1. It's easy to subscribe and the introductory set is super nice 2. They don't charge your credit card until the day they ship your next box out 3. The products are nice, but the sizes are quite small 4. They DO NOT communicate with you any time after that first thank you for subscribing message - no shipping notices, nothing 5. But customer service is very easy to reach (during regular business hours) and are easy to talk to. Overall, my experience was positive, with the exception of the complete lack of communication. I got it for two months and like both months.
Best pic for work

Mary Chrapliwy

on 7/13/2015