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Cate & Chloe VIP is a monthly jewelry subscription. Each month you get up to $200 worth of Cate & Chloe jewelry. Subscriptions range from $19.99 for one piece of jewelry, $29.99 for two, and $39.99 for three.

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I have had hit and miss boxes from C&C but the pieces I have liked, I wear all the time. if I don't care for something it goes into my box of gifts for friends, family etc. Always found them to be responsive. not the best value box out there but i always look forward to getting it each month.

Helen Hudson

on 10/5/2015
I just received my first (and only) box. I feel ripped off, and I only paid $20 for the first subscription. Bummer! They included a card boasting an additional gift of a bangle, but it was not in my box. The nail polish is a horrid neutral sand color that I wouldn't even give away. The earrings and ring included were cute, but not $20 cute, and DEFINITELY NOT worth $40! I feel sorry for anyone that paid full price for this box. I will be cancelling my subscription STAT.
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Addie Fox

on 8/3/2015
Buyer Beware!!!What a scam. I feel cheated and ripped off. The March box is a cheap CZ necklace on a simple chain link that had four kins in it. The earring are these tacky cheap looking dangle gold leaf with a pearl like bead. Then you are suppose to receive a free gift and I got gold chocolate coins. I requested the February box and the lady said I would like this box better. I even filled out the style survey and request the February box and pieces that they have for sell. There is now way that these two pieces are worth $200.


on 3/4/2015