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Cat Sticker Club is a monthly cat sticker subscription. Cat Sticker Club curates cute art of kitties, creates high-quality stickers, and brightens up your mailbox every month. It’s a fun little way to show your feline love or make your favorite cat lover smile. And it’s only $3.50 per month! Stickers are 3-4” wide on average and made from weatherproof, durable vinyl. We donate 10% of profits to cat shelters and rescues. We charge $1.00/month extra for shipping outside of the U.S.

Shipping: US: Free, International: $1.00

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Two months later and no stickers. I've tried contacting the site with no answer. It's not a big loss because it's so cheap but I still wanted to advise everyone who's thinking of subscribing.
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Lindsay Giedosh

on 12/10/2016