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A Bullymake Box is a box that is designed specifically for power chewing dogs. Each Bullymake Box features long lasting and durable items built for rugged chewers! 4-5 super premium toys and treats are hand selected for your dog(s) each month by their weight.

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I got this box after reading the reviews. I received the first one today. It was treats and toys and it was alright - but both toys were the kind you hide treats inside and similar to kong toys and my dog has already destroyed one w/in an hour. Which left little orange pieces of the material it's made of all over the place. I would have liked to have seen more of a variety and there was not an antler or anything like that. There were two bags of treats - for putting inside the toys and there was some kind of long treat that easily broke - I shared that among all the dogs. Didn't seem like hardly any thought was put into the box. I'm going to go for one more month, but if it's anything like this months then I'm cancelling. Oh and I was a bit disappointed about one thing - I should be able to go into my account and switch my choice from treats and toys to all toys. I could not. I contacted them but they said the only way to do was to cancel the order and redo it. There should be a way to change your choice, I might have been happier with the toys only choice.
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on 9/21/2016
I have received this box for two months now, despite the fact that m cancelation notice had been acknowledged as timely . The first box had two toys. The ball was in small pieces within a half hour. The second box again had two toys. The pull toy was shredded within an hot. My dog is 55 pounds and not fighting breed or anything like that. These items do NOT live up to promises. The company also does NOT cancel when notified. Bad business.
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Corinne Bauer

on 12/19/2015