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A subscription box that sends you 4 bottles of wine custom matched to your palette based upon our wine quiz.

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After cancellation of my subscription with no customer service solution to overheated spoiled 2 week overdue wine I was asked again if I would rate my wines and provide referrals for the company. Worst online experience in some time. Additionally not for someone who knows much about wine even if they were not all ruined before arrival
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on 9/10/2016
My wine took weeks to arrive (2 business day turnaround advertised) & when it was delivered the external bottle temperatures were in the 103-104 degree range according to my thermometer. The red wines were spoiled, old world wines are notorious for being delicate but even the CA wine was bad. I am still waiting on some contact from the concierge after the spoiled bottles... No response for 10 days when I asked about the delay in my first message so I'm not expecting much. I doubt I will continue with such a company unless they make an amazing change in customer service and replace all the spoiled wines.
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on 9/9/2016