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Choose a one time buy by adding to cart or subscribe to one of our many themes. While every BOXYCHAN™ THEMED MYSTERY BOX contains cool, valuable, fun merchandise, all related to your chosen theme, everyone who purchases a BOXYCHAN™ THEMED MYSTERY BOX has the chance to receive rare Collectibles, Signed Items or Additional High Value Items in our randomly sent LUCKY BOXES.

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Extremely disappointed in this box. I love the items I get in this box. March was my 4th box I paid for and it is now April 5. I paid on March 10th and as of April I still haven't gotten my March box with no response from customer service. I hate to let this box go but because of their service, I will not support those they are not helping us to get our items we are paying for.
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on 4/5/2017
I loved this box,but unfortunately their customer service is beyond awful. Extremely slow to respond,if they even do. So after two boxes,I'm cutting my losses so I avoid some disaster coming down the pike where I can't get any assistance. Really unfortunate,it was probably my favorite mystery box.

Tia Ann Brugger

on 4/1/2017
Bought 2 boxes so far. Hello Kitty and Girl themed. I bought both of them for my 5 year old daughter. The retail value of the box exceeded the cost, but the Hello Kitty theme was not for us. I understand that Hello Kitty has fans of all ages so I chalk it up to that, but my daughter just doesn't need a flash drive, camera case, or Funko Pop bookmark. I get it though so I would still recommend the box just not for that age group. The Girl box was definitely a hit for us though! Every item was awesome! We will be buying from them again and I plan on trying a few more themes in the future!

Stephanie Huffman

on 5/29/2015