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Receive 8 full size and deluxe sample size Korean beauty products each month.

Shipping: Free shipping in USA, low rate shipping internationally

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I have been a member for over 8 months, and Bomibox is by far my favorite Korean skincare subscription box. I've been consistently impressed with the not just the variety of products, but also how each month complements the one before so there is rarely any overlap. The actual box is gorgeous, and the products are mostly full size and travel but I like that they always include sheetmasks because I usually never buy masks. They have amazing customer service so overall I am very happy and would recommend this box
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on 1/29/2018
I was subbed to them for 4 months. Canceling is easy, were my issues.. the products i got sent may have one or two full size or deluxe size, amd the rest were just foil insert card to say what they were, or used for, no nothing. ..i emailed them and told them something was wrong, and maybe they had my account set as a "bag" which is cheapest, yet i was supposed to be getting a box for 37.99 a month. i explained the value is not here as i am not receiving much but foil packages for one time use, my boxes look nothing like they advertise or show pictures of here at all. they told me they get items cheap and then put them in boxes, yet im getting "free shipping" for the 37.99..its like they just did not care, and i sent more pictures the next month and the person said that "yes, it looks like you are missing a few items" and that was all. At one point my one of two full sized items was just a box of cotton squares like you would use to wrap a sore or wound with..i emailed and once again, this person said that it looked like i was missing items and one should have been some sort of toner in there to go with it, yet they have never sent anything out, or sent missing items (whatever they maybe besides a toner, as there were no list of even packing strips or nothing in my box) Flustrated, i emailed again, and told them i would give it one more month, that i really wanted to like this box, the idea of it seemed great, yet the items and service was not. also, i had to email every month and ask when my box would ship, and it would ship almost into the month i told them i was giving it one more shot, well, i got a decent box, but once again it was very late, and this time it DID have an item card and even nice packing strips, and the card said surprise, surprise, they were missing items and that they would ship them out after because they held up the boxes way to long waiting....then they charged my account a week early...with this, id had enough and canceled. .the owner emailed me back, and i explained, resent pictures and told issues, and they even said "oh yes, it does seem like you were missing items, and it should of had info cards every month too" and that was it...did not send me items i did not get ..i ended up paying almost 160 for a total for 6 large items (including the box of gauze squares) and like 13 foil packets of a face mask, eye mask, etc.....dont waste your money on tnis...i have many subs, and have NEVER really had an issue, except one cracked eyeshadow somehwere else...this place does not care, and just wants your money and not provide products. .i was expecting boxes like they show on their website, and even up here on this site, and what i got is not even HALF of that. so dissatisfied, and disappointed. jamey
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on 9/24/2017
This month (April) was my very first box and I have to say wow! I love this box so much!! You should really subscribe to it and add it to your monthly boxes. I was so surprised that I loved everything in it! And the value is amazing! Even though. The shipping was a little later I was very happy that they kept me informed! I got an email saying they were delayed and throwing in an extra surprise for their subscribers while they work the kinks out of their new shipping method, which is a lot better than what I got from beauteque bb box.. which is nothing! Not an email and no responses to the three emails I have sent. They have already taken out my payment for May and I have yet to receive my first box which would be April. Not that's I mind boxes being shipped out late but an email keeping me informed would have been nice. Anyways this is about BomiBox not them. I am in love with this box and will continue to be a subscriber. I also get the what is next one which sucks and I just cancelled, mishibox which I really liked my last box and beauteque which I'm still waiting to see how I like that one. But this box is definitely a hit for me!! Do yourself a favor and subscribe!!

Maddison Dawn Bayer

on 5/3/2017