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Bombfell is a men's monthly clothing stylist subscription service. Every item they send has been handpicked for you by a stylist based on your preferences and sizes. You have 10 days to try on and decide what to keep. You pay only for the items you keep, which have an average $89.99 price point according to Bombfell -- and there is no stylist fee or shipping fee.

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After subscribing to Bombfell, my husband now dresses 150% better. (Thanks Bombfell!!!!) He was looking to update his wardrobe and too busy to shop, so this was exactly what we were looking for. At the lowest price range, it's about department store prices. Which is still kind of pricey, but an acceptable tradeoff due to the time it saves going shopping and the personal styling service. It's really impressive how well almost all the items fit, especially considering they were sent in blind. The stylist on the other end is a real person and has so far been very responsive—she will add specific items based on requests.

Monica Wu

on 10/6/2016
Items are pricey even on the low end, but they can be returned with no hassle and you only pay for what you want to keep. Out of all the boxes I've received, I ended up keeping two out of four items on average. Most of the clothes fit well and the stylists listen to feedback to decide what to send next. In some cases, the item prices were worth it, such as $99 for an excellent pair of jeans, but some items are definitely overpriced, like $69 for a plain t-shirt. Their return policy alone is worth giving this box a shot if you or a guy you know needs help with updating his wardrobe. It's essentially no risk because there is no subscription fee and items can be returned easily.
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on 4/20/2015
My boyfriend signed up for this and went through about 5 back and forths before they caught on that he wasn't very metro and wouldn't wear pink shirts and skinny jeans. He received some tan jeans with a great shirt. He wasn't happy that the jeans were too long (they replied saying that's how all designer jeans are made, meant for you to take to a tailor to get hemmed). He also wasn't happy that they really didn't have anything summer-like to offer.
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Tiffin Filion

on 7/16/2014