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Bocandy is a monthly snack subscription service that specializes in sweet treats and snack foods from around the world. As they put it on their site, Bocandy's products are "imported, exotic, new, and hard-to-find."

Bocandy has a bunch of subscription options to choose from:

- Bocandy Big Snack Box ($21 per month): imported and specialty snacks, candy, and beverages.

- Asian Candy Subscription Box ($21.00 per month): snacks from Japan, South Korea, and other Asian countries.

- Bocandy Starter Box ($9.99 per month): 5-7 snacks from the US and beyond.

- Craft Beef Jerky ($30.00 per month): 4 packages of premium jerky.

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it was a great surprise for my 7 year old son. he enjoyed the whole box so much that i cant resist buy ordering for another one. getting other country delights on your door step is pure happiness. my money well spent. thanks

Cristina Moore

on 9/16/2016
Bought 12 months subscription box as a Christmas gift for my 14 yr old daughter. It was great! A surprise Christmas gift every month. Had a couple issues, but Walter responded very quickly and took care of the issues.
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on 8/2/2016
I was so disappointed and I feel duped! I received 5 of the same small little wafer bars, 1 chocolate crescent and a bunch of tiny hard candies of about 2 flavors. Not only that, but they charge you for the next month BEFORE you receive the box to even try it. It's the biggest rip off I've EVER encountered for a subscription box. The candy is haphazardly throw into a box with no description of what you're getting. Whatever they have lying around is what you will receive. I'm sickened that I paid so much for so little. It wasn't worth a nickel, much less the 15 I paid. I wish we could post pictures of what we receive when things like this happen.
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on 3/5/2016