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Blue Apron is a meal delivery service. Every week they send you recipes and fresh ingredients to make 3 different meals. For 3 meals for two people, the subscription is $59.94 a week.

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I have a subscription to Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Hello Fresh. Each have their pros and cons. Blue Apron + Great Recipes; Easy to follow + Prices are in line with Home Chef, $10 a portion + Menus are live 4-5 weeks in advance; plenty of time to make your meal plan - Everything is all lumped together. It's less wasteful package-wise, but it's less convenient for me. - There are only 6 meal choices per week, but not all meals are swappable. I order from them far less Blue Apron because of this reason.
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on 8/16/2016
Received a free week back in December, and was reluctant to try it. But because of limited budget around the holidays and the fact that my husband and I work full time with 3 kids under age 7, i decided to sign up for the free week, and then opt out of week 2 until we tried it. Also, as a disclaimer, we are people who care more about quality than quantity/price when it comes to food, so I was very skeptical. I can now say that we have been ordering Blue Apron almost weekly since then (maybe missing 3-4 weeks in total). And it is August, so 7 full months. We have migrated from the meals for 2 to meals for 4, and my kids are starting to branch out from their picky toddler phase. We find the food quality very good, the recipes have mostly been a success, the variety is outstanding, and the customer service is the best I have seen. We have had a few weeks with some less than stellar ingredients, and we have gotten the entire week comped, and very quickly. As i read reviews of other subscription services where everyone says customer service is bad, I wanted to get it out there that Blue Apron has been a fabulous experience.

Kristy Sullivan

on 8/5/2016
My only complaint is that it's too hard to find weeks when I want to make and eat all of the meals. For example, if you choose the steak meal, then you can't pick two vegetarian dishes. You are kind of locked into picking either meat or vegetarian meals without being able to mix and match. This is annoying since there are some meats that my house doesn't eat, even though we're not vegetarians and do enjoy meat sometimes. Other than that, I think Blue Apron has a nice website (easy-to-use for planning purposes), and provides a decent value. The food is usually tasty, but a little bit complicated and time-consuming for novice chefs like me. So far, I like Blue Apron better than Hello Fresh (because Hello Fresh has forgotten ingredients and sent me expired produce a few times).


on 11/23/2015