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Black Box is a new subscription box for gothic and other subcultures. Get accessories, candies, makeup, jewelry, music, art, and more delivered right to your door! Also every month's box comes with a bottle of black nail polish. Available in a standard ($20/month) or Deluxe box ($40/month).

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I was excited to try this subscription; I was hoping it would be similar to the Spooky Box available in the UK but is too expensive for the US due to the high shipping fee. I got the standard June 2016 Spellbound box as my first box, which is $23 including shipping. I also ordered the standard Nevermore box for July. I want to keep this as succinct as possible, so basically I will say that I will not be purchasing boxes from this business again. The owner is not timely about responding to emails and concerns, or ignores them all together. My frustrations came from the fact that both boxes were extremely late in being sent out. The Spellbound box was actually held for over a week before sent, and the Nevermore box never came. The owner was nice enough to replace the Nevermore box with the deluxe version, because the standard box was "lost" by the post office (which I still haven't gotten, 3 weeks after being sent out). She only offered this after I sent another email stating how frustrated I was because I felt like my emails were being ignored with no responses, even though I try to be as nice as possible because I didn't want to just be ripped off. I finally got both boxes several weeks after release. So, delays in shipping and failure to communicate are the main reasons I will not be purchasing again. The other reason I will not subscribe again is because you are not able to manage your subscription yourself; you can't just sign in and change your subscription, update information, etc. You have to contact the owner, but when they don't respond in a timely manner, it is stressful. I wish they used PayPal as a subscription payment method, then I can manage it myself from my own end. The boxes themselves are okay. I don't think the Spellbound box was worth the price that I paid for it although some of the items were nice. But, many of the items are not usable for me; I am unsure what to do with them. I am not a witchy type; what do I do with the black salt? (before you ask, the Spellbound box was never one I wanted; I accidentally made two payments, and the owner used one of the payments towards the Spellbound box rather than refund me). The Nevermore box was much better! All of the items were relevant to the theme, and well put together. However, the Deluxe box is shaped like a coffin, which is awesome, but it was not taped well. When I got it, it was partially torn. Luckily, nothing fell out or was damaged.
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on 8/20/2016
Currently on my 3rd month of the deluxe box and I have to say I'm thrilled! Handmade jewelry is beautiful and many items came directly from my survey of things I was looking for. It's really helped me in my lacking accessories and makeup department. My favorite thing so far was the Mourning Glory perfume in my first box, it smells amazing!
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on 10/12/2015
I was extremely disappointed in my box, so much so that I cancelled the subscription the same day I received the box. I was expecting what I saw came in the standard box, or atleast a couple of those items, but my box had only a few pretty useless things in it. Nothing that was pictured though. I don't know if they just had a bad day when my box was made or what, but I'll never subscribe to it again for sure.


on 8/19/2015