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Spoiler Alert! Birchbox April 2017 Sample Choice Spoilers + Coupon!

Birchbox is one of the original beauty sample subscription boxes. Each box costs $10 a month, or you can sign up for an annual subscription ($110) and get one month free. Boxes typically include a variety of samples, deluxe size samples, and the occasional full size product.

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    What is Birchbox?

  • Birchbox is one of the original beauty sample subscription boxes. Each month, you'll receive 4-5 beauty samples. (Makeup, skincare, haircare, perfume, etc.)

    Is Birchbox worth it?

  • Birchbox is worth it if you are looking to try out expensive brands before buying them at full price. The sample sizes can sometimes be small, but you should have enough of the products to see if they work for you.

    How much does Birchbox cost?

  • Birchbox is $10 a month or $110 for an annual subscription.

    When does Birchbox ship?

  • Birchbox typically ships out boxes the first week of every month. If you have just signed up, expect up to 10 days before your first box ships.

    What is the Birchbox Customer Service phone number?

  • 1 (877) 487-7272

    How do I cancel Birchbox?

  • You can cancel your Birchbox subscription from the Account Settings in your online account. Click the red “Cancel Subscription” link beneath the “Subscriptions” heading.

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After having Ipsy for a year or so & wanting to expand my exposure to varied items, I thought I'd give this a try. I was sadly disappointed. I should have read the reviews first. At the 4 month, I had received the same boring samples of lipstick & dry shampoo in each box. (I even changed my preferences after 2 months & there was no change in my items.) Although they were different shades & brands, that's TWO samples that could have exposed me to a new company! When I cancelled my subscription, it was due to the horrible customer service I received in trying to give them my new billing info. At that point, I was done. I upgraded to Glossybox & Sephora Play (

Amy Beth

on 3/4/2017
Birchbox was my first subscription box ever. I subscribed for about 5 or 6 months, and it almost ruined subscription boxes for me entirely! There is definitely a lot of excitement in anticipating a surprise delivery every month, but I found that I couldn't use most of the items they sent me despite attempting to personalize my account better each month and leaving reviews. They continuously sent me tons of face products I couldn't use because I have an acne prescription that doesn't always react well with exfoliators, peels, and such (think burning, red skin). They also sent me a BB cream or foundation in every box that were about 3 shades too dark for me despite having selected the fairest option possible on my quiz. The sample sizes were lacking, and I did receive some duplicates which was annoying. I recently started subscribing to Ipsy, and it has been far more suited to my needs. I won't be resubscribing to Birchbox.
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on 3/3/2017
I respect that this was the first beauty sub box, but its become the worst. Its really a joke, when people ask me about it I just laugh like don't waste your time. Its cheap, and I like cheap but the payout for the items is next to nothing. The biggest problem with this box are the repeated items. I got at least one repeat EVERY MONTH after the first month. (most was THREE repeats in one month) I could only stand to stay 6 months and that was only because the first box I ever had was immaculate. 4/5 holy grail products in the first box. I thought I would never get this box because of all the bad reviews but they sucked me in with a promo and I planned to cancel after the first. So if you just wanna test it out, wait for a promo you can't resist but I strongly advise cancelling after that. I never got a full size. The "deluxe" sizes are dumb. They are as close as you can get to foil samples without being it. Any bottles that looked generous was 1/4 full. I'd say they do a lot of skin care products that's what they are geared for. Also, the boxes may be cute but they are flimsy. I'm not trying to be overly negative but the only positive thing I can say is that the first box was the best. It was probably the best box I EVER had compared to all other boxes out there! I think that it was a fluke or they try to suck you in with the first. Total waste of time, I felt like I was scammed every other month and I have NEVER felt that way with all my other boxes. I may not like a product but the value was there. No value here. RUN. Get Sephora Play or IPSY if not Sephora Play. Get any other box. Birchbox is aka B*tchbox for a REASON.
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on 2/21/2017