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Bespoke Post is a high-quality men's subscription box service. Each month they curate 1-3 new boxes around a theme, and you can select which one you want, or skip that month.

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Yup, I'm another woman who subscribes to this box! They let you know exactly what's coming in the box, they let you choose what box you want, they let you skip months. Perfect! The curation is excellent, even if not always applicable. At $45 it's one of the pricier boxes, so I only order a box when I am excited about it.


on 1/29/2016
Another girl who subscribes for herself. This is one of my favorite boxes for two reasons: you can skip or change boxes you don't want, and the product quality is excellent.
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on 11/7/2015
This place is awesome and very glad I found it. Definitely catered to men and glad there is a box I found that is. Everything is of great quality, and I cant help but add more items to the box. There are some boxes that I wouldn't use but do hope they continue the trend of three different choices every month.
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on 6/17/2015