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Beautycon partners with beauty influencers and personalities to deliver beauty products and accessories right to your door each season: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each box is valued over $100.

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I LOVED this box and I only stopped because I am in university and can't afford to spend that much on makeup right now, but it has a major flaw and a minor annoyance. Let's start with the bad, you cannot cancel this box until 7 days before you get charged for the NEXT box. They will send an email in which you can then cancel your subscription. It says nowhere that this is how to cancel which is frustrating, so I just emailed the company to cancel and removed it from my paypal which worked. The minor annoyance is that even if you do the 1 payment for yearly boxes (the $110 I think for 4 boxes), you have to pay for shipping for every box right before it comes (~$7 for me) which I'd rather just pay for it up front. Now for the good!!! You get a TON of full sized products and some are curated by YouTubers (which is why I found it in the first place, Grav3yardgirl). All of my boxes were around $35 total (with shipping) and are guaranteed to be valued at (at least) $75, and mine were around $100 dollars. I found some really cool things that I'd never buy, but that I actually enjoyed and for the faction of the price! If you want to try full sized products, for a faction of the price, and enjoy new things I'd really recommend this to you! Just remember to use paypal (it's free to set up!!!) because you can stop the payments just in case you missed the email when you want to cancel. 4.5/5 stars :)

Amanda Lovsness

on 9/7/2017
I absolutely LOVE this subscription box and the products...well done! It is my second favorite box!!! Can't wait for next season!!! Quality and a great value!! Plus great variations in the box!
Img 1047

[email protected]

on 4/7/2017
This box is more for kids/teens. I was really disappointed. They have the WORST customer service. I had a problem with one of the items being damaged and they told me they couldn't do anything about it.

Chris Hickey

on 4/4/2016