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We have reports of customers signing up for this box, getting charged, and never receiving anything. DO NOT sign up for this box. Beauty Army is a monthly beauty sample subscription service. Every month you can select your choice of up to 6 samples, or skip that month.

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I am shocked that anyone received anything. I thought this subscription was a scam. They charged my credit card and never sent me anything nor did they return my phone call or email. This is not a reputable company in my opinion.
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on 2/11/2017
I subscribed to beauty army in the summer of 2015 and received ONE box in a six month period. After several complaints and a little assistance from the Better Business Bureau, my boxes started shipping again. However, the selection of products to chose from repeats. They add very few products from month to month. And the products they do add tend to get taken fast. I've learned to order and select my beauty box products on the first day of the month less i'm stuck with all the repeat selections. I've mention this to the staff at beauty army but have not heard back. I've tried cancelling several times but again, I have not heard back.
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on 11/3/2016
I was surprised to see negatives here. I have had only GREAT experiences with them.

Liz W.

on 8/21/2016