Beautiful Madness Book Case

Beautiful Madness Book Case


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Hand-curated book subscriptions boxes are as wonderful as the smell of old books. One of the best things in life is finding your perfect reading spot, having a delicious beverage and snack at the ready, and of course, an amazing read. Beautiful Madness Book Case is here to make reading even more exciting. Each monthly box will include: a handpicked book, a delicious treat and 2 to 3 great items that complement the theme of the book. 3-month plan is $114 and 6-month plan is $222 + shipping. Tennessee residents will be charged sales tax.

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After purchasing two of the past boxes, I have to say this is the best book subscription box I have received yet. The boxes are well curated with great books that I never would have heard of. The additional non book items all fit the theme well and add to the experience.
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on 10/15/2017
This box is carefully curated. Bookish items are items that you can use or gift easily. Customer service Is top-notch. I received an item that was broken, and it was quickly replaced. If you want to discover new authors and try different genres, this subscription is for you. For those people who aren't sure, you could purchase a last box. You won't regret it. Happy reading.

Diane Waters

on 10/11/2017
This is a really nice subscription box, that includes some awesomely unique items that match the book and month's theme. I will admit that I enjoyed the earlier boxes more, as I found those books more interesting. There are fun things in these boxes that I always wanted to buy, but never really could justify doing so :) In fact, some of my most favorite bookish items have come from Beautiful Madness Book Case! I have a cute little trinket plate (or at least, that is what I use it for, lol) with a page as the background, and a deer in a suit, maybe regency wear. It's quirky, unique, cute, and it's not something that I could pick up at a regular store. It is one of my favorite items from a box - period! While I love the extra items, and could go and on forever about the goodies, I do admit that I am not a huge fan of the books. That, however, is not the fault of Beautiful Madness. I love reading romance and the classics. While I did enjoy some of the books, like Edgar Allen Poe and the one that came with my deer :) If you enjoy non fiction books, and different, interesting, reads, then this is the box for you!
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on 10/11/2017