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Bean Box is a monthly coffee subscription box. Experience the coffee from the city known for its coffee obsession. Get monthly coffee deliveries from Seattle’s premier coffee artists. Every month, you will receive 4 samples of different coffee roasts, shipped fresh within 1 day of roasting.

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Cripes this box was overprices, IMO. I know it supposed to be fancy, but I was EXTREMELY disappointed at the value.

Andrew Sherridan

on 7/27/2015
I really liked the kuma coffee in the package but couldn't find it anywhere, so i called the company directly and they stated that they haven't had that coffee for years. so just F.Y.I, they don't send you "fresh" coffee.

Taylor Renee Ellison

on 6/1/2015
Just got my first box. 4 good sized bags of whole bean coffee from small roasters in Seattle, WA. I can't wait to try them!

Brittanie Leigh

on 12/21/2014