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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Every month they send your pup a package full of toys and healthy and nutritious treats based on your dog's size. Sign up for a 6 month subscription for major savings - only $19 a month!

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I received my June Barkbox today and both my dogs are exhausted and happy with the fun they have had. I order the medium size dog BB. When it arrives they have come to anticipate that the fun will begin when I allow them to sniff and lay beside me when it is opened. This month's them was "Camp Bark." How cute!! They received a squeaky bear and camper flashlight toy. Both are rugged and holds their attention with the noisemakers. We received a fantastic travel/collapsible/double doggie bowl. What a super bonus for our summer travels. The box also included a duck chew, pork S'mores, and a honey granola treat bag. All treats are grain free and made in the USA!!
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on 6/15/2016
I recently subscribed to the barkbox based on the blog reviews. I thought the boxes were cute and the themes were nice. So I ordered a box for my little dog. I got the box and it was NOTHING like the reviews. There was no theme, just a scary looking clown doll and 2 bags of expired treats. I was so disappointed! I canceled the same day I received the box. What a waste!
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Katie S.

on 5/25/2016
I had Bark Box for my Chihuahua for over a year and while the first couple of boxes were decent, the quality gradually slipped with each shipment. I wrote to customer service numerous times requesting soft treats and soft toys for my dog because he is small and has a hard time with large, hard snacks and large, hard toys. Almost every month, the box contained big, hard dog chews and treats, and a big, rubber toy. I ended up giving most of the stuff away to friends and co-workers with large dogs (Pit Bulls, Labs, Boxers, and mixed breeds). Bummer!

Tonya Griffin

on 3/5/2016