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Barkbox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Every month they send your pup a package full of toys and healthy and nutritious treats based on your dog's size. Sign up for a 6 month subscription for major savings - only $19 a month!

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I have never seen such amazing customer service as I have with Barkbox! They have replaced toys, free of charge, that have either been torn up, or too big. I had contacted them to ask them to change my box size from medium to small dog because one of the toys was a little too big for their mouths and they sent a replacement (without my asking) and also offered to let me customize my box for my dogs. (I have one small, 10 lb.destructive dog who likes to pick and shred, and one 48 lb. dog). I love this box! My dogs get SO excited when they see the box delivered. It is the cutest thing ever to watch as they dance with excitement, then nose around in it and grab something from it to carry off, before coming back to see what else is in there. The toys are always ones my dogs love to play with. The only problem is now my dogs think every box that arrives to my house is theirs. Barkbox is AWESOME!

Bethany Bloemer Largent

on 12/20/2017
Oh my gosh I got my puppy only 6 days ago, we received the bark box and what excitement opening the box, Beautiful wrapping of puppies inside and then all the goodies we found, it was like Christmas for the both of us. Simba loves everything, there is nothing he hasn't had fun with and chewing on everything. The stuffed toys are so well made of high quality. The tasty treats are in awesome packaging, I cant say enough about Bark Box, I am so looking forward to my Christmas Bark Box, I will put it under the tree and we will open it together, awwwww Christmas is such a beautiful Season for loving and cuddling, My new puppy Simba want to thank everyone at bark-box for just about everything Merry Paw-mas xxx

Jennifer Daphne K

on 12/3/2017
The packaging is so adorable. I loved the theme and the joke inside the box. I tried the black Friday special. Unfortunately the pup I bought this for passed away before the box arrived. I will donate the box. I feel the box is quality products and you're very probably getting a better deal than if you bought it all separately. These are great items that will make you and the pup happy! I'll definitely resubscribe when we are ready for a new pup. Cancelling was confusing. It's best to directly contact the company via text. They got back to me quickly.

JaNelle Borgers

on 12/1/2017