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Art Snacks is a monthly subscription service that sends you 4-5 full size premium art supplies each month!

Shipping: Free shipping in the US, $10 for all other countries.

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I signed up for ArtSnacks last month and was super excited to receive my box. I had looked at previous months and read reviews, so had high expectations. Honestly, for the price, it's just okay...The materials I got I didn't super love them and definitely would be able to find them for a cheaper price elsewhere. Looking back when they first started up, there were more supplies and ones that you could really create something just with what was given. This no longer seems the case. That being said, it was my first subscription box, and either way, I was pretty happy. Was it worth the money? Kind of. I was happy for getting it but will not be continuing.

Harmain Rafi

on 5/31/2016
international you have to pay month to month, you cannot suscribe for a full year.

Charlene Woelk

on 7/2/2015
Signed up with great excitement and waited with delicious anticipation. It fulfilled all expectations! I am crazy about two of the items and very happy with the other two. Box presentation is delightful. Online element adds to the fun.

Eva Schultz

on 2/18/2015