Allure Beauty Thrills Box

Allure Beauty Thrills Box


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Allure Beauty Box is a seasonal one-time purchase box that sells out in minutes every time it's released. Each box includes $150+ worth of full size beauty products (mostly drug store brands like Sally Hansen and Neutrogena). Follow the blog to make sure you don't miss the next box!

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I can't get enough of these Thrills boxes! It is an amazing deal and I love all of the products. I just ordered a second August box, that's how much I love, love, love this box! I can't wait to do a review on YouTube on the second August box bcz I didn't have my channel up then. I am also sooo looking forward to the December box!!!!! Thank you Allure! You are awesome! Jennifer Green- 44 year old grandmother!
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on 11/22/2016
First of all, I don't understand why almost all of the reviews are questions how to get this box considering that literally the first link, if you Google it, is leading you to subscribe through the Allure site. Anyway, I just got the August box, and the May box for half the price. First impressions - the boxes are almost completely skincare and haircare, there was literally only one makeup item in one (a lipstick), and two in the other (a lipstick and an eye shadow, and it's a single eye shadow at that, not a palette). I think that's very unbalanced - makeup should comprise at least one-third of a huge beauty box like that. Other than that, I think I will be able to use most of the things I got (I don't get the point of including a gel nail polish though - does anyone actually own a lamp for that at home??), and I *did* after all get $600+ of stuff for $75 plus shipping. I will wait another half a year before I order any more Allure Thrills boxes though, and this time I'll pay more attention to the spoilers. If the next two boxes don't contain any more makeup, I am done.
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on 8/18/2016
I just received my box and I loved it ..all full size items.. mix of hair products and make up products and skin care too ..I can't wait to order the next one available...

Diana Cardenas

on 5/17/2016