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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Allure magazine. Each month includes deluxe and full sized beauty and makeup items.

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does anyone have a link or instructions on how to cancel this box? thank u!
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on 7/31/2017
This is one of my favorite subscription boxes, even though I've gone back and forth on again and off again for a couple years (started out as Sample Society, then changed to Allure Sample Society, then finally into Allure Beauty Box). At $15, it is one of the more expensive sample size-type boxes, but the retail value of the stuff you get is always pretty high. Also, this box usually comes with 6 items instead of the usual 5 that most sample boxes send. I have really enjoyed some great brands through this box, and even though I'm cancelling a few to my 6 subscription boxes today, I won't be cancelling this one.
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Mary Chrapliwy

on 7/29/2017
Hello, my name is Aimee and I am a subscription box addict. I have had 10+ sub boxes for months now and my husband said it was time to scale it back.....maybe because I have a wall of boxes and cabinet full of products.... so I agreed to reduce it down to three. I can honestly say that I never even considered getting rid of Allure. It is usually my favorite and I have had nothing but good experiences with their customer service. I am in my early 40's and I feel that Allure caters to the things I am interested in and want to try more than say ipsy or Sephora with all their highlighters and sparkle. I kept ipsy too just because it is the most fun. I just felt I should post this review of Allure because I've read a lot of negative things about the box that just aren't true. If you are a person that wants everything in a sub to fit you like a glove then you should just go purchase the things you want. Subs are about trying things to find out what you like and what works for you as well as what doesn't. Allure keep up the great work and Thank you!!!!

Aimee Blair Benedict

on 6/29/2017