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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Allure magazine. Each month includes deluxe and full sized beauty and makeup items.

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Women, Subscription Boxes for Beauty Products

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I'm kinda frustrated with Allure.I already subscribe to their magazine. I signed up in August and they drafted the money out of my account on August 30th. When I try to login to the website it says it doesn't recognize my info and to contact customer care. I've tried to contact but couldn't get in touch with a human. I emailed them and I'm awaiting their response. I'm sure it will get worked out but they take my money but cant recognize me when I try to login in. Looks like they would have emailed me with a "hey we can't take your money until we get your information right email". Well just venting , has anyone else experienced this problem?
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on 9/4/2016
One of the worst companies with information security. The login is just email and your zipcode. I finally got my first box after months of waiting and having already paid, only to get a bunch of tiny samples. I canceled and spoke with customer service on multiple occasions to have my account deleted, they couldn't do that, I asked to have my credit card information deleted, they couldn't even do that either. So pretty much, your information is cemented in their system and you just have to hope to God they don't get hacked and your credit card information isn't stolen. If anyone does decide to subscribe get a prepaid credit card for use with them.
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Wendy Mkt

on 8/9/2016
I've been subscribing since October, and normally get my box around the 6th of the month...rarely later. I still haven't gotten an email about it being shipped, and wondered if anyone else is still waiting for the July box? It was kind of late last month....guess Allure is getting a ton of new subscribers!
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on 7/14/2016