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Adults and Crafts Subscription Box


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Adults & Crafts Subscription Service provides a monthly DIY Craft Kit complete with all the materials and instructions you need to create a unique craft you can proudly use and/or display for years to come. Each kit allows your to learn a new crafting skill from our easy-to-follow instructions and the final products can be customized to show off your own creative skills.

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I love this box! I was looking for a hobby & could never really stick to anything (like knitting, etc.). With this box I'm basically trying out a new hobby every month! It's also cool that I'm trying out crafts that I wouldn't have normally tried or bought myself, and it turns I've really enjoyed the ones I thought I wouldn't be into. Also good for family or friend time, I've made a couple with my niece and made one as a gift (for my husband tho, so I still technically got to keep it :) ). I'd definitely recommend this box - it come with everything you need to make the craft and the instructions are great and easy to follow. Great customer service too if you happen to have any questions or requests.
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on 1/31/2017
I have monthly girls night with friends and we wanted to change up our routine from dinner and too much wine, to feel like we were actually accomplishing something. Adults & Crafts was the perfect solution! We still had too much wine, but we're able to use our hands to make things that we actually had use for. The perfect way to remember great times!! We all can't wait for new crafts for us to order :)
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on 1/30/2017
I came across Adults and Crafts via a google search after listening to my wife (who has a very demanding job) complain about how she never has any time to paint or be creative due to limited time. After a few boxes, not only did the complaints stop, but our otherwise boring apartment started to breathe a sigh of creativity. Her complaints about never having any time to purchase gifts for friends also came to a grinding halt, as she now had personalized gifts for friends if she decided so. Thanks A&C for the easy solution!
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on 1/29/2017