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With a monthly beauty & lifestyle box subscription, you will receive a box of 4-7 carefully hand selected items. These items may include: Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care, Jewelry, Edibles (talking chocolate here...), Accessories, and/or Housewares. These items may be sample, full size or a combination of both.

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This is a good value box. They are full size products and I had at least one item that was more than the bucks even cost so you’re definitely getting your money back. Customer service is great too they are a big help quick fast in a hurry. The shipping was fast too. My one big complaint is the packaging. If there was something breakable it would have easily been broken as soon as it shipped because it’s just in a shipping bag I think it should actually be in the Box because the name Adore Box.
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on 5/4/2017
Seriously awesome box. I like the flexibility of the amount of products. Sometimes it's a bubble mailer and sometimes it's a large box. I have received 4 items before but they were pretty luxury and then I have received up to 12 items and they were mid-end items but were in a theme. I would recommend to anyone who loves beauty and wants to try new things. The items I have seen over the 1.5 years I have subscribed have been stuff I could buy at Sephora and some small upcoming brands that are trying to make a name. A lot of items are cruelty free and some are vegan which I really love.
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on 4/24/2017
Horrible sub box!!!! Cheap dollar store items!
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Mandy Wood

on 11/25/2015