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Spoiler Alert! 5th Avenue Style Limited Edition New Year New Me Box Handbag Spoiler #2 + Coupons!

5th Avenue Style's stylists select 4-5, high end design, pieces per month ($350 value), beautifully packaged and delivered to your door. 5th Avenue Style's fashion experts will hand pick everything from necklaces to rings, scarves to handbags, sunglasses to well, the sky’s the limit!

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I ordered the Valentine's Day box for my daughter as a gift. I emailed customer service to ensure that the box would be delivered in time to give to her as a gift and was told that it would. As Valentine's Day approached, I had not received any shipping information from 5th Ave Style, so I called. I was told that the box would definitely arrive in time for Valentine's Day. On Feb 13th, I still had no box or shipment confirmation. I called on Feb 13th and was told that the box would be shipped overnight and I would receive it by the 14th and that I would be sent the shipping information (which I did not receive). On Valentine's Day I still did not have the box for my daughter. I called again and was told that the box was to be delivered by noon on the 14th and the blame was on the post office. I was told that I would receive a very nice gift for my troubles - which I never received. I finally received the shipping info but no box. I had to rush to the mall to buy a gift for my daughter and have to spend an additional $300 for a gift. The box arrived on the 15th and was completely underwhelming! Not worth the $190!!! The box included cheap earrings, bracelet and ring, in addition to a head band and lotion. I was expecting much more from this company. Unfortunately, I ordered another box and will let you know about its contents. You are better off with Rachel Zoe's Box of Style.
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on 3/11/2017
I just received the Limited Edition Holiday box to try out as my first box from Fifth Avenue Style and was fairly happy with it. I was thrilled to receive a Kate Spade cross body bag that was the perfect size and color for me! I was just a little disappointed at the lack of variety in the accessories. I received the purse, a bracelet, a necklace/earring set, and a hashtag necklace. I'm not sure the value quite meets up with what was promised, but the Kate Spade bag outweighs the cost of the box, so I am not too disappointed :)

Arden F.

on 1/8/2016
Best customer service Ive ever seen. I got this subscription box for my wife for Christmas. When I ordered it I didnt see any kind of shipping options but I got it anyway... Just a week out from Christmas. So I wrote to them and asked if I could pay more to make sure it will be delivered by the holiday and they wrote back and said "Normally we ship within 2 weeks but because you're such a good husband we're going to ship it out today at no additional cost." Wow! So, Rebecca will be getting a years worth of these boxes now. Great little company.

Charles Darienzo

on 12/21/2015